Mobility in Mining

Mobility in Mining

Mobility in Mining

MiPlan recently returned from site after implementing its QAQC mobility application.

It took 1 MiPlan team member approx. 3 days to configure, implement and train the guys onsite on the end to end use of the system.

  • The system is interfacing with Orica’s ShotPlus to import all the hole parameters and Down hole charging information.
  • Three of the latest Samsung Tab S 10.5 inch tablets are being utilised, along with an Otterbox tough case.
  • Office WiFi has been utilised where the user can download the patterns and then proceed out in the field and cache the results until returning back to the office.

The QAQC module of MiDrill incorporates real-time positioning of personnel as they walk the pattern. This helps them understand what hole they are near and assists in avoiding logging the wrong hole with an incorrect depth.  The Samsung Tab S performed above expectation in its capabilities to provide and accurate position.

Take into account logging the persons position and time stamps and this has been recognised as an invaluable tool for the drill and blast team.

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MiiNT reporting

Underpinning all our Apps is MiPlan’s unique and comprehensive MiiNT platform.

Our powerful business intelligence layer allows real time data analysis not only over the data captured by the individual Apps, but also allows the user to integrate all business systems into one central platform for near real time holistic operational reporting.

MiiNT provides the tools necessary to convert and enrich data collected from MiPlan Apps into actionable information via a secure web browser in near real time. Users are now able to manage by exception raising alerts when business rules exceed thresholds and importantly permit authorised users at all operational levels to access relevant information on demand. By utilising this intuitive, efficient and extremely reliable platform, our clients are able to gain powerful insights accross their entire business 24 hours a day.

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